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KC TOOLS Launches New Website TODAY! 19-Feb-2014

KC TOOLS Launches New Website TODAY!

Today KC Tools is taking a significant step to increase their share of the estimated $500 Million per annum tool market with the launch of a new website designed to appeal more to customers and consumers and at the same time focus the company on promoting in new, exciting and more rewarding ways.

The new website presents over 3,500 KC Tools products to support customers and consumers with full specifications on each and every product for better ease of understanding and ordering. Consumers will benefit from monthly product promotions and are provided with details on their nearest store to purchase. Key target audiences such as the hardened professional, tradesman, apprentice and DIY weekend warrior are prominently featured throughout the site with these consumer groups being critical to the future growth of KC Tools.

“I am very excited about the potential of what the launch of our new website today will deliver KC Tools, our customers and our consumers. Through presenting our products in a manner for our customers and consumers to better understand and access will only help us to improve our sales performance nationally.” says Stephen Stacey the Owner of KC Tools.

“In addition to presenting our products in a more professional manner, the real opportunity our new website provides will be to launch new marketing and promotion initiatives to reach greater audiences nationally, informing more and more people about KC Tools.

Our new website is part of a much bigger overall digital strategy that is set to be a game-changer for KC Tools in a changing market,” says Mr Stacey

Latest research available highlights the changes in the retail selling environment and the growing opportunities to reach more customers through online areas,

  • In 2013 more than 3,000 retailers closed their doors

  • More than 50% of Australian’s now shop online

  • Australian internet audience reached 16.2 Million in May 2012

  • Over 12 Million Australians are now on Facebook

  • 71% of Australian’s have internet access through their mobile phones

“We have taken the time to plan and get our approach right here. We have worked closely with our distributors to ensure what we are now presenting to our customers adds value to their businesses. Our new website will enable us to better partner with our customers to drive more people to their stores.

Already over the last 2-months we have increased our Facebook audience three-fold. Today we are engaging with more people on Facebook than Kincrome. We are very close to SP Tools and have Sidchrome’s 23,000 Likes in our sights.

Our new website will significantly increase the visibility and credibility of our business. It will make more and more people nationally know we exist. Ultimately, it will motivate more Australians to purchase tools to “last a lifetime”.

We have the opportunity to reach over 2 Million new consumers per month. 

Our new website will be supported by ongoing activities and promotions through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google, Facebook and online banners all targeting our key 18 to 45 year old male demographic.

We will drive more qualified traffic to our new website. Convert that traffic to business leads. Convert those leads into sales to achieve a greater return on our marketing and promotions investment.

Sally and I are both very excited and confident that our new marketing and promotions approach will grow our business, enabling us to win more of Australia’s massive annual spend on tools.

I invite you to visit and provide us with your feedback as to how we can continually improve our performance here.

Today is a new day for KC Tools. It’s game on!”

For further information please contact:

Stephen Stacey


KC Tools

07 5445 1862