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Daniel Carranza- Batdan Racing Team 18-Mar-2015

KC Tools is proud to announce its partnership with Daniel Carranza - Batdan Racing Team

Daniel Carranza suffers from a mild case of autism. Daniel as most autistic children couldn't stand loud noises. What astonished everyone is that he didn't have a problem with the loud sound coming out of a drag car roaring down the quarter mile!

In 2014, Daniel fulfilled on of his dreams by racing in every state at the Australian Aeroflow Championships and finishing the season in the top 10 drivers in Australia. Also winning the final round of the 2014 Max Cranes 660 Series in August and runners up in first round for the 2014/2015 Series.

Daniel races under the banner BatDan Racing Team - Racing to Raise Awareness For Autism. Batdan Racing Team donates proceeds from their merchandise to the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital

Daniel Carranza truly is an inspiration!

To find out more about Daniel, please visit his Facebook page